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Neon Pothos Care Tips

Have you been seeing a bright vibrant pothos around and want to know what it is? It’s a neon pothos!

Neon pothos are truly a delight to anyone with it’s beautiful, bright green color! It’s incredibly easy to grow making it an easy choice for your home whether you have a green thumb or not!

A Neon Pothos (scientific name is Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’) has beautiful heart shaped leaves and is bright, vibrant green color. Many of us are accustomed to a darker green pothos but the Neon Pothos adds a fun punch of color to an otherwise darker hue of houseplant.

neon pothos care tips

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These plants are great viney houseplants that can be used in a variety of ways. Because they’re super hardy and can adapt to low light (more on that down below), they make great hanging plants! Put them in a bathroom with limited light to add a bright happy vibe to it.

Neon pothos can also live in water so you can put it in a propagation tube and display it on a high shelf that is harder to water.

Wherever you decide to put it, it will add a vibrant cheer to any room!

Neon Pothos Care Tips

neon pothos


One of the worst things you can do for a Neon Pothos is overwater it when it’s in soil. Ideally you’ll want to water it when the top inch of soil is dry (usually between 7-14 days depending on the climate).


Neon pothos can adapt to most light situations, even low light! This makes them an ideal plant for offices or dorm rooms that may not get much light.

If you notice the leaves looking a bit pale there’s a chance it is getting too much direct sunlight. Try moving it away from any direct sun for a bit to see if that helps.


Neon Pothos do well with well-draining potting soil.

Temperature and Humidity

Neon Pothos aren’t too picky about the temperature of the room but they prefer to live somewhere between 65 and 80 degrees. Basically if it’s ok for you, it’s likely ok for your plant!

Humidity isn’t a huge concern when it comes to Neon Pothos since they’re so hardy. They love high humidity (making your bathroom a great spot for them) but they can do well in mid to low humidity.

Trimming Your Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos can end up growing very long and viney. To keep them from not trailing on the floor (not that that’s a bad thing!), pruning and trimming them is a great idea.

The best part about trimming your pothos is then you can propagate it!

How to Propogate a Neon Pothos

Propagating your Neon Pothos is super easy (hint – it’s the same as a regular pothos!). Here’s what you need to do.

1. Snip off about 6 inches of stem. 

First up is cutting a piece of your Neon Pothos plant. You’ll want to make the cut right below the root nodes, or the small bumps on the stem.

This is where the root will shoot out from. I typically like to cut the stem so there are three to four leaves attached. You want at least 6 inches of stem so there’s enough stem to plant under the soil but still have a couple leaves popping out above the soil when it’s time to plant.

2. Remove the bottom leaf.

The roots will shoot out from the bottom so that is what will be in the soil. You don’t want to plant a leaf in the soil!

trimming pothos plant

You also don’t want to submerge leaves into the water while it’s attempting to grow roots since the water could become moldy and gross from it. Simply cut the leaf with a scissor. 

3. Fill up your jar or propagation station with water.

Fill up the jar or propagation station vessel with room temperature water. If you have a giant jar you won’t want to fill it to the top. You do, however want to make sure you have at least enough water to cover one node.

I actually prefer to cover two nodes in case one node doesn’t produce any roots. If they both produce roots, all the better.

4. Put your pothos clippings in water.

neon pothos plant in water

Submerse the nodes (little bumps) of your pothos clippings in water. This will help roots to grow.

5. Watch for roots!

Roots will typically grow faster if the jar has some sunlight. In all honesty I put these in our bathroom which get no light and the grow roots just fine.

I fill my jars with anywhere from five to 10 clippings so it not only looks pretty while the roots are growing but they will also fill up a pot nicely! (Do you really want one clipping in your pot? Nope!)

neon pothos plant in propagation station

(find this propagation station here)

When roots have formed – I usually wait until they’re about an inch or so long – you can plant the pothos clippings!

Simply put the pothos cuttings in a pot, add dirt so the roots are fully covered, pat down the soil so it’s in there nice and tight, water and enjoy!

Neon Pothos FAQ

Can Neon Pothos grow in water?

Why yes, they can! They can be propagated in water before transferring them to a pot or you can grow pothos in water. If you choose to grow them in water, it’s best to get a liquid fertilizer to give them the food they will need in order to grow bigger.

Why do Neon Pothos die?

While neon pothos are very hardy plants, it’s definitely possible for them to die. The most often cause is root rot cause by overwatering or not enough drainage.

Is Neon Pothos poisonous to dogs?

According to ASPCA, pothos plants are considered to be toxic to pets. You’ll want to be sure to keep this plant away from curious dogs and cats!
*Find pet friendly plant options here!

Where to buy Neon Pothos?

I always recommend checking your local nursery first! But there are many places online that carry neon pothos (just remember to include a heat pack if you’re ordering a plant in the winter!).

Neon pothos make great beginner plants since they’re incredibly hardy and can grow in a variety of environments. Pick up a large one for yourself and start propagating them today so you can share them with your friends!

neon pothos plant care

Neon pothos are one of the easiest and best plants to propagate. If you want more details on the golden pothos head to this post. Another type of pothos I love is the satin pothos. See it here!

Check out these 11 beautiful propagation stations for every budget to propagate your neon pothos in style.


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