Goldfish Plant Care | Columnea gloriosa

Looking for a flowering plant? Check out the goldfish! Today I’m going to walk you through Goldfish plant care and everything you may need to know about growing them.

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Goldfish Plant Basics

The Goldfish Plant, formally known as the Columnea gloriosa, is a gorgeous blooming plant that gets their names from their flowers! Their flowers are red-orange in color that appear in spring and summer. Some say they look like leaping goldfish!

There are quite a few varieties of goldfish plants with different shades of blooms such as the “California Gold” variety that has yellow blooms with a red outline.

These plants are definitely more on the particular side so if you’re a beginner, you may not want to start with these (try a pothos or snake plant instead!).

Keep their soil wet in pots with drainage holes. These plants don’t like to be dried out completely.

These plants work best in hanging pots (like the lipstick plant) since their stems can grow long, hanging down. You’ll have your best luck at plants if you keep them under 2 feet tall despite the fact that they will grow to around 3 feet tall if you let them.

Goldfish Plant Care Tips + Tricks


Goldfish plants aren’t ones that like the same amount of water year round. During the spring and summer you’ll want to keep the soil continuously moist. This was something I learned when researching these gorgeous plants!

Many plants don’t like to stay moist all the times but these do during warmer months. This encourages better blooming!

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In the winter months cut back on your watering so the soil isn’t as wet all the time. Always use room temperature water when misting and watering your goldfish plant.


Goldfish plants do best in bright, indirect light. Putting them in front of an eastern facing window that has a sheer curtain is a great option!

Much of their energy comes from their light source so be sure it’s getting plenty of it! However, make sure it doesn’t get direct light so the leaves don’t get scorched. (See?? They’re picky plants!)


Goldfish plants like fast draining soil. In the wild, you’ll find the goldfish plant growing on trees!

Temperature and Humidity

Goldfish plant

Goldfish plants are tropical plants so they do better in warmer, humid environments. They do best in rooms that are 65 to 75 degree Fahrenheit.

Goldfish Plant Propagation

Like most plants, you can propagate a Goldfish plant from cuttings! Choose a stem that isn’t blooming and cut anywhere from 2-4 inches from it.

Dipping it in a root hormone will better your chances of success. Plant in potting soil and put in a bright, humid spot.

A new propagated Goldfish plant won’t bloom until the summer after it’s planted so depending on when you do this, you may have to have some patience!

And there you go! Goldfish plants are really beautiful, unique plants that are a great addition to more seasoned plant owners. I hope these Goldfish Plant care tips help you know how to keep yours happy and healthy!

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Where to Buy a Goldfish Plant

I always suggest checking out your local nursery but these online retailers are great as well:

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