9 Stunning Big Leaf Plants You Need

Want to make a big impact on your home? Why not do it with plants? These big leaf plants are precisely what you need.

Welcome to the world of plants. We will take you on a fun journey exploring various big leaf plants. You will also learn how to take care of them. Let’s get started!

9 Stunning Big Leaf Plants You Need

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What Are The Different Types of Big Leaf Plants?

Here are the different types of big leaf plants that you must know about.

1. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

We’re sure you’ve seen our first plant, the Monstera Deliciosa. It’s wildly popular all because of it’s big leafs! If you don’t like the name or find yourself forgetting it, feel free to call it by it’s funny name – the swiss cheese plant.

Monstera is an evergreen plant that has leaves as long as two-feet. Despite its gigantic features, it is a plant that grows in water.

Monstera Care Tips

The plant prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight but is capable of sustaining itself in low light conditions. Nonetheless, low-light will cause laggy growth.

It is best to let the soil dry out before watering it. As a general rule, water it every other week. Plus, the plant prefers slightly humid conditions and a temperature of 65-85 Fahrenheit.

Caution: this plant can be irritating if foliage is consumed.

Find all the best Monstera Plant Care Tips and Tricks here! And check out this post for multiple ways to propagate your monstera along with step by step instructions and video!

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2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig, scientifically known as Ficus Lyrata, can grow over six feet tall! Interior designers especially adore this plant and it can be seen all over magazines, Instagram and Pinterest.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips

Fiddle leaf thrives well in bright, indirect light. Do not over-water the plant. Let it dry between watering sessions. A test to check for over-watering is the browning of the leaves. In that case, let the soil dry.

These plants aren’t for beginners since they can be as fickle as a hormonal teenager but they are stunning once you figure out how to care for them!

Find more Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree care tips here!

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3. Tree Philodendron

Tree Philodendron

Photo from Etsy

Philodendron translates to tree lover. The plant typically has enormous lacy foliage but, some philodendrons have small heart-shaped leaves. These plants grow in the direction of the sun. Ironically, they grow better in shaded bright light.

The leaves are dark-green and will not let a single ray pass without absorbing it, making for its exceptional oxygenating properties. This plant will help you drift off at night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Philodendron Care Tips

It’s easy to care for this plant. The plant enjoys a bright, indirect sunlight. It doesn’t do well with overwatering. Allow it to dry out between waterings.

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4. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

You can’t miss Birds of Paradise when it comes to big leaf plants! We have 3 of these in our home and they’re very easy to care for and make a big impact.

These plants are very easy to grow. Birds of Paradise contributes a bold tropical flair to any surrounding with its broad, banana-like, arching leafage and a height of five to six feet.

Care Tips

This plant is extremely forgiving. It can do just fine with direct sunlight or in low indirect sunlight. But, some hours of direct sunlight encourages growth.

Also, keep the soil moist at all times but not soggy, especially during fall to spring.

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5. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant, aka Ficus Elastica, has thick leaves that grow in the direction of light. It has smaller leaves compared to other big leaf plants. Interestingly, the plant has unique purifying properties of removing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds.

Care Tips

Rubber plants love moisture and adequate watering. However, choosing the right pot type is vital to taking care of the plant. Use a drainage pot and soil that drains well to combat root rot.

Bonus check: If the leaves lose their shine and lower leaves fall off, the plant is getting insufficient light.

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6. Alocasia


The Alocasia, also known as elephant ears, is another big leaf plant you’d love! One reason you’ll love this plant is the exquisite arrow/heart-shaped leaves decorated with distinct veiny patterns that will energize the ambiance of your room.

Care Tips

Elephant Ear plants need direct sunlight and rich, moist soil. However, the ground must be well-drained. The plant can also be potted outside if you happen to live somewhere with nice weather!

Find full alocasia care instructions here and alocasia black velvet care here!

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7. Banana Plant

banana plant

Photo via Etsy

The Banana Plant is a good plant for a more expert level plant parent. It need a good amount of light (similar to the fiddle leaf fig) so keep that in mind before bringing it home!

You won’t see fruit on this tree unfortunately but it will give you beautiful big leaves to enjoy!

Care Tips

The plant is high maintenance. Most importantly it needs a good 4-6 hours of sunlight. The optimum conditions include a humid environment

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Check out our full banana plant care guide here!

8. Calathea Orbafolia

Calathea Orbafolia

Photo via Etsy

Calathea Orbafolia, aka prayer plant, is highly desired due to its exquisite beauty of its enormous dark green to greenish-yellow leaves with symmetrical silver-green patterns.

Frankly, you can just sit and admire them for hours.

Care Tips

The plant cannot bear direct sunlight. It will cause the plant to lose its unique markings on the foliage. Similarly, the plant needs damp soil all the time but do not soak it in water as that might cause the roots to rot.

Carafolia prefers humid areas, should be placed in bathrooms or kitchens as these are relatively humid. If the leaves ever curl up or turn brown, mist with water.

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9. Croton


Croton is a tropical plant that blooms in heat and humidity. The plant has varieties of leaf shapes and sizes. The leaves are spattered in shades of red, orange, pink, brown, and purple.

Intriguingly, the seeds from the plant have medicinal purposes and can help with bowel problems.

Care Tips

Croton loves full sun. The plant will lose its tautness if it gets insufficient sunlight. Similarly, it hates cold temperatures because the cold can cause damage to it. But, the plant recovers when putting in appropriate settings.

Caution: Croton is poisonous, and a large quantity ingested can prove fatal.

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How To Care For Big Leaf Plants?

By now, you probably are well-versed with how to care for 9 beautiful big leaf plants. As a reminder, here’s a recap of everything that you need to keep in mind.

  • Humidity: Most big leaf plants plants like a humid environment. Simply mist them with water.
  • Sunlight: Most of these plants do well in medium to bright indirect sunlight
  • Dusting: Don’t forget to clean the surface of the plant! This improves absorption of sunlight for better photosynthesis

One way to transform your room or your home is with a big leaf plant. Now the biggest question you’ll have is which one?

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