7 Perfect Pet Friendly Plants

Love pets and plants? Here's some pet friendly plants for your home!

1. Peperomia

Medium - bright light

These are great houseplants for newbies because they’re easy to grow and clean the air.

2. Spider plants

Low - bright light

Spider plants are great for beginners! They tolerate low light but love bright indirect light.

3. Lipstick plant

Medium - indirect bright light

When given enough light, this plant will bloom  bright red buds throughout the year.

4. birds nest fern

Low to bright light

The Birds Nest Fern is an easy to grow and maintain plant. It likes low to bright indirect light!

5. Pilea

Indirect bright light

An easy to propagate plant that loves a good amount of light! 

6. Burros tail

Indirect bright light

An easy to grow succulent that can withstand a bit of neglect and still thrive!

7. ponytail palm

Low or Bright Light

The Ponytail Palm tree is a very forgiving plant that can survive in both low and bright light!

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